Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Some small parks narrowed by grayish buildings, populated by green, flowers, squirrels, birds, dogs, couples and parents. I see kisses and hugs, smiles, laughing and a child's plastic toy spread over the sand or the grass. I see garbage on the streets, a rat walking downtown on the rail but I can see flowers beds by the streets.

... I scent some flower surrounding Battery Place...

In this summer afternoon I feel a warming sun on my neck and a fresh breeze as I'm sitting
with my feet onto the grass at Battery Park. I'm enjoying a peaceful waterfront view listening the wind, the seagulls and the sails.

Friday, June 24, 2011

first steps

My first steps in this city made me see myself as a flaneur reflected on perfectly designed shop windows which look like academic paintings in balance of colors and shapes. I can also be caught as a voyeur looking through some store open door which seems like an installation made of collected objects full of history and dust, old fashion clothes smelling mould, seductive products reaching the sidewalk sold by misterious slant eyes or colorful clothes racks surrounded by the sound of thousand people, cars, sirenes and loud and powerful music.